Why Everyone Is Using Dental Wipes

There is a growing trend in the use of teeth wipes for both adults and children.

Tooth Tissues Dental WipesRather than carrying a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush everywhere, many men and women are simply popping a small pack of dental wipes into their pocket.

Even if you have dentures, crowns, or dental implants, you still need to keep your teeth clean and bacteria free.

The most common users of dental wipes are parents. It’s vital to keep young children’s teeth clean to avoid tooth decay.

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Anyone who’s tried to clean their young children’s teeth will know that you have to make it fun, or else it’s a battle field in the bathroom.

By giving a young child a tooth wipe and encouraging the child to wipe their own teeth, you are allowing them to feel ‘grown up’, and at the same time you are instilling healthy mouth hygiene practices into them.

Many wipes contain Xylitol, which is said to help fight cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth and on the teeth.

There’s no total substitute for a proper teeth cleaning regime, but teeth cleaning wipes are a handy product when you’re ‘on the go’, and a great way of making cleaning childrens teeth more fun.