Full Mouth Restoration Is On The Increase

More and more people are having full mouth restoration, whether it is for medical purposes or cosmetic purposes.

Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration

There are many different medical reasons why people are opting for full mouth restoration. They may have been grinding their teeth so much they need them replaced, or they could have cavities so they need permanent dentures fitted.

The full mouth restoration cost can be very expensive but the results are priceless. You may have once been embarrassed to smile because of the state of your teeth, but thanks to today’s advanced dental procedures your smile can be reinstated.

People who have dental restoration for cosmetic purposes will normally get dental implants or porcelain dental veneers.  These are both very expensive dental procedures, and the price varies from $4000 upwards.

Full mouth restoration implants are metal rods that are surgically implanted in to the jaw bone. The difference between these and dentures is they are permanently in your mouth and they look and feel like real teeth, allowing you to chew and eat properly.  Dentures can often restrict the types of food you can eat.

People are travelling to America from London and many other countries around the world, to have their full mouth restored with shiny white teeth.

Quite often if people are afraid of the dentist their teeth problems can deteriorate quite rapidly, and this can have disastrous consequences. Avoiding one small filling could end up with the tooth needing extracted, or it could also lead to gum disease.

If you are one of many people that are afraid of the dentist you should consider dental hypnosis before it is too late. You may need to be hypnotized by a dentist if you need dental reconstruction if you are a little bit scared as it is a long drawn out procedure.

If you have been informed by your dentist that you need reconstruction you may be fortunate enough to have adequate insurance coverage meaning your surgery may be totally covered.  If you are not covered, then some dentists will allow you to obtain finance.

When you have had your whole mouth restored you need to look after your teeth and take good care of them. Good oral hygiene is essential, or you could end up with gum disease. Regardless of if you have your natural teeth or dentures, your gums can still become infected.

The total cost of a full mouth restoration could be around $45000 or more depending on what is required.

On the internet you will be able to see all of the different dentists in your area that offer these procedures; and perhaps read testimonials or reviews on the dental companies.

So whatever the reason you have for getting a full mouth restoration, it really pays to do your research on the company you are planning to visit beforehand.