Dental Veneers Or Dentures Or Teeth Straightening?

Dental Veneers Or Dentures Or Teeth Straightening?

Dental Veneers Or Dentures Or Teeth Straightening?

At one time, if you had terribly crooked, damaged, or rotting teeth your dentist would simply extract the teeth, and you’d get dentures.

However, now you have a whole range of options open to you including dental veneers, dentures, or teeth straightening. It seems that more men and women are considering their options about what to do to solve their dental problems.

Some orthodontists are even specializing in giving their patient’s the shiny straight white teeth that they so desperately want.

You may opt for the teeth to be straightened, and modern braces will hold the teeth in place until they settle down. The teeth may be physically put into the right position before the brace is fitted.

Teeth straightening was once thought of as the solution for a child, but many adults are now considering it.

Although the cost of treatment will vary, you might need to consider some type of dentures to solve your problem.

You may opt for veneers or dental crowns. Veneers will cover the front of the tooth, so that it looks great. Dental crowns will encase the entire tooth.

You may want to have dental implants. These are permanently fitted false teeth and are different to dentures, as the tooth is fixed in place by implanting it into the bone.

Finally, you may want to simply have partial dentures. These can be removable, although most people these days opt for dental bridges, where the teeth attach to the surrounding natural teeth.

In some cases, crooked teeth can be covered over with especially manufactured veneers, but when a whole row of teeth needs to be shifted, or when more complicated and dramatic cases of overcrowding or crookedness are being dealt with, then the solution will be based upon the fitting of orthodontic braces (source).

So, as you have many choices to think about you can take your time making your decision. You may want dental veneers, dentures, or teeth straightening.

Considering the long term advantages and disadvantages of the treatment you choose could help you make the final decision.