Dental Treatment Linked To Psychology

There is ongoing research into the connection between dental treatment and psychology.

Dental Treatment Linked To PsychologyIt seems that a dentist’s perception of a problem may not always be accurate, due to visual illusions.

For instance, some research indicates that a dentist might drill a bigger hole if the tooth is bigger, but a smaller hole if the tooth is small.

Apparently with a large tooth the affected area might only be small, but the dentist might look at the size of the tooth and therefore drill a larger hole than necessary.

Tooth decay will always be a common problem, and when you have toothache you want the problem solved.

Nobody wants uneccessary treatment, and if a small hole will suffice then who would want a large hole drilled?

Some experts say that visual illusions may have determined the course of treatment in the past.

However, today dentists use minimum intervention techniques, only drilling and filling when absolutely necessary.

That news comes as a relief, as no one wants to rely on a visual illusion determining dental treatment.