The Dental Implant Procedure Explained

The old fashioned denture seems to be on its way out and making room for the new dental implant. A dental implant can be made to replace one tooth or a complete set of teeth. It is a surgical tooth implant procedure that can be done in a traditional sense which takes several months or as an instant dental implant procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant Procedure

There are two stages involved in the dental implant procedure and the two stages are separated by three months of healing time.

After a consultation and the determination that the patient qualified for the dental implants the dental surgery will take place.

The surgery is when the permanent dentures implants are placed into the patient’s jawbone by placing a metal base with posts to hold the teeth.

There may be a need for cosmetic dental surgery, or implant restoration wherein a crown is built on the dental implants. Dental implants cost may be different for these procedures.

There are times, when the patient’s jawbone is such that it may require a sinus lift or a dental bone graft.

This will affect not only the procedures involved, but also the denture implant procedure cost.

How Long Does The Dental Implant Procedure Take?

This depends on the each patient individually. Mostly, it depends on the patient’s health and physical condition as well as the patient’s anatomy.

The procedure can take from three to nine months or longer. Most of this time is time is related to the dental implant procedure recovery period, that is time spent waiting for the tissue to heal and for new jaw bone to grow.

If the dentist decides on restoration of the dental implants immediately after the implants have been placed during the implant surgery, this cuts the dental implant procedure time dramatically and is known as immediate loading.

In fact, with immediate loading the patient can go home the same day as the surgery with the new and restored teeth. This treatment may affect the dental implant cost but most people would agree it’s worth it, to get the tooth implant treatment over and done with.

All dental implants today are in a form of a root and look like an actual tooth root. That is the post that is placed into the jawbone during the treatment, and is made of titanium because that is what the jawbone will accept.

Before the present root form of dental implant procedure, the tooth replacement was flat like a blade, or a frame was made to have it lie on and that was attached to the exposed jawbone with screws. The cost of dental implants back then was quite expensive and you couldn’t shop around the way you can today.

For dental implants to be successful the dentist performing the dental implant procedure should be well qualified; and the patient should not be a smoker.

Denture implants, like everything else, can crack and break from wear and tear after years of use, especially if during the dental implants procedure they are replacing teeth that are most often used.

Although dental implant problems are rare in order to avoid the risk of wear and tear occurring, the patient should visit the dentist regularly to have the dental implants reviewed.

In the United States as well as the United Kingdom the dentist that carries out many types of cosmetic dentistry or dental implant procedure surgery and its final processes must be trained, although the training requirements differ in each country.

In the UK a dentist that wants to practice dental implant surgery, and any other type of dental implant procedure or implant dentistry, must take extensive courses that are approved by the General Dental Council. If the dentist does not take the courses and pass them, then that dentist will be barred from practicing the dental implant procedure in the UK.