Bad Fitting Dentures? Should You Consider Implants?

Do you have bad fitting dentures?

If you’ve had your dentures for a number of years, then answer will likely be a resounding “YES”.

Bad Fitting Dentures? Should You Consider Implants?

Bad Fitting Dentures? Should You Consider Implants?

Should you consider implants?

Well according to Dr. Mitchel Senft, D.M.D., D.I.C.O.I, the answer is again yes. Implants will securely hold your upper or lower dentures in place without the associated mess of using denture adhesives.

But implants also have another function -they stop the loss of bone from your upper and lower jaw bone (maxilla/mandible bone) that commences after you’ve had your teeth removed. The bone loss is the cause of bad-fitting dentures.

The implants perform like roots for your teeth and they stimulate the bone which ultimately stops it from reducing further.

Locking dentures in place via implants is a sensible option.

Implants are additionally used to support a crown or with bridgework. They can also be used without dentures at all as they look like and feel like real natural teeth.

When you have implants supporting your dentistry, you will be able to chew as if you had your real teeth. You will enjoy the foods you now avoid and won’t have to fear for any of those embarrassing moments (source).

The National Institute of Health report that implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Ask your dentist if the do a free consultation for dental implants.