Are Dental Crowns And Implants Unnecessary?

It is absolutely amazing how many people are influenced by television shows, and are paying hundreds of dollars to have that “Hollywood” smile like their favorite celebrities. They may have a picture perfect smile, but they are willing to pay for dental crowns and implants to make it look even better.

Dental Crowns And Implants

Dental Crowns And Implants

Every day all over the world people are having dental crowns and implants fitted for cosmetic purposes when they really do not need them.

Among the millions of people getting unnecessary treatment are young brides who think to have the perfect wedding day they need to pay hundreds of dollars for porcelain veneers.

This is certainly not the case, of course every bride wants to look amazing, but there is no need to go to these lengths.

The majority of the people who opt for cosmetic dental treatment are women in their 30’s. For some reason they feel the need to look like celebrities; but most of them do not realize the impact it can have on their health.

Permanent dentures are a popular choice of many young women who are willing to pay anywhere up to $100,000 to have them fitted.

Dental implants and crowns look great but if you really do not need them they are not that great. You could end up damaging your healthy teeth to replace them with crowns etc., and in the end you could end up with no teeth left at all.

In a recent survey a Periodontist claimed that the majority of the patients they had seen were having dental crowns and implants fitted for no apparent reason, and it was not necessary.

Dental crowns are expensive but if they are needed they will probably be covered by dental insurance. But for those people who just fancy a change of appearance, dental crowns can cost a fortune.

Often people do not realize that having unnecessary dental crowns and implants is a never ending circle. Once you have them fitted they may need to be replaced every few years. As your bones begin to shrink where the teeth have been replaced, more treatments may be necessary, meaning more expense.

As with any cosmetic procedure there are side effects, but those opting for dental implants etc. are not taking into consideration the things that can actually happen.

Thanks to shows that perform makeovers overnight, people are not willing to wait and have braces fitted to straighten their crooked teeth. They are paying hundreds of dollars to have crowns put on their teeth.

The dental crowns procedure is just a quick fix and is not a solution to the problem it just masks it.

Before rushing into extreme procedures people need to take into account everything that is involved, and think everything through before getting dental crowns and implants.