3D Images For Permanent Dentures

There is new technology now being used, which can provide a 3D map of the inside of your mouth. With the use of the latest equipment you receive the ultimate patient care and treatment.

3D Images For Permanent Dentures

3D Images For Permanent Dentures

Being able to check the condition of your teeth, mouth, and gums, can actually help you avoid problems in the future.

Being able to create a 3D image allows the dentist to give you better fitting false teeth and dental implants. This is sure to avoid that old problem of bad fitting dentures.

Equipment such as the VELscope system can check out the tissues inside your mouth, and this allows early warning signs such as any abnormalities to be noted.

One dental group that is continually keeping up to speed with the latest treatments and equipment, is the Northridge Dental Group.

Northridge Dental Group has always put the health and the comfort of their patients first and constantly invests in new technologies. VELscope, i-CAT and E4D are some of the advanced dental technologies now used at Northridge Dental Group.

The E4D tool allows dentists to take advanced scans of the mouth in order to produce exceedingly accurate dental devices. Similarly, the i-CAT machine can take instant 3D images that provide great information before any invasive techniques must be utilized (source).

When you are choosing a dental implant clinic you want the best possible treatment; and the latest equipment can allow the dental specialist to give you the best service.